• 133rd Caton Fair in 2023

    133rd Caton Fair in 2023

    2023 April 15th, four of us went to participated the 133rd  Canton Fair held in Guangzhou, China. the China Import and  Export Fair is launched in 1957 and held biannually, , also known as Canton Fair, is considered a major gauge of China’s foreign trade. This year’s fair resumed all ...
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  • In-depth understanding of the definition of ladder cable tray.

    In-depth understanding of the definition of ladder cable tray. Ladder type cable tray are a common type of cable ladder tray with a ladder-like structure that can effectively support and protect cables. Ladder type cable containment is an efficient and reliable cable trays with a structure simil...
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  • Metal Perforated Type Cable Tray: Advancements in Cable Management

    Metal Perforated Type Cable Tray: Advancements in Cable Management Introduction: In the world of modern infrastructure and technology, efficient cable management is crucial for ensuring the smooth and safe operation of various electrical and communication systems. Among the numerous cable manage...
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  • How to determine the specification of the cable tray?

    1、 in the engineering design, the layout of cable trays should be based on economic rationality, technical feasibility, operational safety and other factors to determine the best program, but also to fully meet the requirements of construction and installation, maintenance and cable laying. 2、...
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  • Feature of wire mesh (Basket) cable tray from width 50mm-200mm

    With fully open structure, wire mesh cable trays have more advantages than other types of cable trays. They are widely used all over the world in different fields like data center, food industry, building constructions, etc. Wire mesh cable tray is the core product among all our cable tray produc...
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  • Steel or Aluminum Cable Tray with cover and Bend Cable Tray

    Hesheng Group has  been the one of leading suppliers of Cable Tray Systems for over 10 years.We specialise in a wide variety of Cable Tray, Cable Ladder Tray, Perforated Cable Tray, Wire Mesh Cable Tray, Basket Cable Tray, Cable Trunking, Strut Channel and Cable Accessories.Our cable trays are UL...
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  • Material thickness of the cable tray of various widths

    Material thickness of the cable tray of various widths

    When it comes to cable management systems, cable trays are a popular choice due to their versatility and effectiveness in organizing and supporting cables. One important factor to consider when designing and selecting cable trays is the corresponding material thickness, which refers to the thickn...
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  • All kind of Cable Trays for Cable Management systems

    We have been supplying cable ladder, tray, and trunking for more than 15 years to industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Chemical & Fertilizer, Waste Management, Water Desalination & Treatments, Maritime and Industrial & Commercial Buildings. We offer products ...
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  • Hot Dip Galvanized / Pre-galvanized / stainless steel ladder type of cable tray

    Ladder cable trays are one of the most widely used cable management systems in industrial and commercial settings. They are designed to support and organize cables, wires, and conduit in a structured manner. The construction of a ladder cable tray involves several key steps, including design, fab...
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  • The type and features and use of Metal strut channel/slot channel

    Strut channel is used to mount, brace, support, and connect lightweight structural loads in building construction. These include pipes, electrical and data wire, mechanical systems such as ventilation, air conditioning, and other mechanical systems. Strut channel is also used for other applicatio...
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  • Wire Mesh Basket Cable Tray with all cable accessories

    Hesheng wire basket cable tray system provides consistency with wire diameters and loads.This allows for predictability and reliability of performance, making ideal for carrying fiber optic, data, control cables and conductors in commercial, institutional and data center applications. wire mesh c...
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  • Stainless Steel Wire mesh cable tray and cable tray accessories

    Wire mesh cable tray is a popular choice for organizing cables and wires in a variety of settings. It is a versatile, durable, and cost-effective solution for cable management that is used in industries ranging from telecommunications and data centers to oil and gas and mining. One of the prima...
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